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Planned to Perfection, So You Can Enjoy Your DAY!

Getting married is stressful enough! Many brides wish they would have been able to relax and enjoy the day more. We deliver this for brides (and their mother) so that everyone can relax and have a good time. We have experienced wedding planners who have done this time and again delivering your perfect wedding. 

Our Core Wedding Philosophy

We expect that every bride likes to kiss her spouse. We like to K.I.S.S. events, Keep, It, Simple, Stupid. Not everyone has planned a wedding before, but we've heard about some doozies! From the planning to execution we work to make it stress free and flawless.

Getting Engaged?

Everyone should have a jeweler in their back pocket who can give them an inside deal. Let us introduce you to ours. We have an exclusive 20% off offer with our professional jeweler. Do you want the inside track on a jeweler?

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Lavender Package

Lavender is a  symbol of devotion but also known for its calming capabilities. While the package is basic, it delivers that low stress experience.



Iris is a symbol of Good News. What better news that celebrating that special person in your life? Our Iris package is our mid range covering more than just the basics.  

Orchid Pacakage

Orchids are beautiful and delicate in the same breadth. Our premium package covers all the details including a spa experience for the bride to get her ready inside and out for her big day. 

Event Management Options

We offer flexibility according to your needs. You may need only a wedding planner to help guide you through the process doing all the legwork yourself.

You may prefer someone to help with the details and then make all the arrangements. Less stress, less mess. 

Or you may needs something in between which would be our day of event coordinator. You've made all the arrangements and need someone to just manage the details while you relax and enjoy.  

Financing Plans Available

Sharing your special day with all of your friends and family has never been cheap. We have multiple financing options available to make it easy. Contact us for additional details.  

They helped me so much with anything and everything! Before the wedding and reception, they listened to thoughts and plans, offered opinions, and helped make decisions. Their knowledge was valuable and welcomed. 

They knew all of the reception plans from table set up to flower arrangement arrival time to when special guests would arrive.

Because they knew every last detail of our events, I could be the mother of the bride and enjoy our celebrations instead of worry about the caterer needing an extra table or that it was time to clear tables for a dance - she took care of everything!

They were acutely aware if something needed to be done or was out of place, and took care of it. With Amy as our coordinator, I truly relaxed and enjoyed the day!

~Wendy E. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

About Our Planners

Amy Walz

Event Planner

After her daughter's wedding, Amy Walz found that she loved event planning. It connected with her on a whole new level that her professional job didn't. Our team represents years of experience in the wedding industry. Amy’s own heart for service and eye for design lead a hand-chosen, and excellent team. She will turn your dreams into reality.

Amy Anderson

Lead Event Planner

After receiving my bachelor's degree in Business Management from USU. My event planning career began with Marriott Hotels in Provo Utah. We mainly coordinated corporate clients taking care of meetings ranging small to large corporate gatherings. I've worked on all levels of wedding planning and execution. I've lead the planning process down to day of event coordination.  I worked for Temple Israel as an Event Coordinator managing events and coordinating staff for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and bat mitzvahs. 

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